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Mark Bouris' most valuable asset...

"What every business owner needs is someone who is going to ask the tough questions. ... The whole idea of a business adviser is having the comfort of knowing that there is someone on your team who's been there and done that."
Mark Bouris, Founder
Yellow Brick Road
(BRW April 2011 p22) 

Rob McInnes on IP

"Thirty years ago, only 20% of a typical listed company's value would be represented by intan- gible assets, today the figure is closer to 80%. It's arguable that IP is now the main source of sustainable competitive advantage for almost all businesses."
Rob McInness, Partner
Spruson & Ferguson
(Austr. Innov. 2008 p51) 


IP (noun, abbrev. for)
in·tel·lec·tu·al prop·er·ty

Property or intangible asset arising from a novel creation of the mind, such as a design, manuscript, innovation or invention which may be protected by a patent, copyright, trademark, etc.

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Deal Strategy

“Matt's insights, framing and raising of issues clarified our thinking and our objectives and led to a successful acquisition which has now increased in value 5 fold.”
David Cosgrave,
Principal of Kingsbury Capital Partners


Negotiation Skills

"Matt has worked with my team as a negotiations coach over the past year. He has completely changed our approach to customer engagement. His background ... and deep experience in negotiations mean that he understands our issues and can hone in quickly on the points and behaviors most critical to us. I have no hesitation in recommending him."

Christian Sellars,
Director Mkt. Access
& Policy at Merck
(MSD Australia)


"Matt was an invaluable member of the team at our eight-day intensive Leadership Program. I was impressed by his skills as a communicator, a thoughtful and creative leader who thoroughly works with his clients to achieve a results-oriented outcome with clear actions and goals."

Linzie Brown, Project Coordinator, AGSM Executive Programs

Principal Consultant

Dr Matt Lohmeyer is an experienced negotiator in the specialist field of intellectual property, patent and trade mark licensing. He has held senior positions in academic and commercial organisations and has over 15 years of global experience in negotiating licensing, investment, strategic partnering, collaboration and contract ... read more

If you are not making the most of your business opportunities, why not contact me without obligation to explore whether I can help you to achieve more.


Guiding Principles

I am professional in everything I do.
I value teamwork, collaboration and mutual respect.

I will only engage with clients where I believe
that I can add genuine value to the clients' enterprise.

I am honest and open in all dealings and value long-term,
trusting business relationships over short-term financial results.

Vision & Objective

To establish a broad network of experienced industry professionals with diverse and
complementary  backgrounds who  share  my passion  for supporting  and  growing
technology businesses  and who are willing to assist those enterprises  not just with
sound advice, but also with hands-on implementation.

Client Feedback

IPR is delighted that a number of clients have agreed to share their experience and
what IPR has been able to help them achieve. You will find some of their comments
throughout the website. If you would like to read their detailed testimonial or leave
your  own  feedback  for  me,   please  do  so  on  Matt  Lohmeyer's  LinkedIn  page.