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Mark Bouris' most valuable asset...

"What every business owner needs is someone who is going to ask the tough questions. ... The whole idea of a business adviser is having the comfort of knowing that there is someone on your team who's been there and done that."
Mark Bouris, Founder
Yellow Brick Road
(BRW April 2011 p22) 


re·source (noun) [re·sàwrss, ri·sáwrss],
pl. re·sour·ces

1. source of help
2. backup supply
3. ability to find solutions
4. corporate asset
5. short for 'natural resource'

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Patent Strategy

“Matt has helped Spillah with our patent and IP strategy and set up several pitches with large beverage companies incl. Fosters and Diageo."
Alex Weld, Owner of Spillah Can Lids


Skills Training

"Matt has provided high quality training to senior leaders in our organi- sation over 18 months. Matt consistently receives very high praise by all participants, often with the comment that the training and instruction is the best (short course) they have undertaken." 
Claude Daniel, Nat'l
Mgr NOVA Systems


"Matt was an invaluable member of the team at our eight-day intensive Leadership Program. I was impressed by his skills as a communicator, a thoughtful and creative leader who thoroughly works with his clients to achieve a results-oriented outcome with clear actions and goals."

Linzie Brown, Project Coordinator, AGSM Executive Programs

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Spillah® Can Lids

SpillSales is a start-up venture established to commercialise a unique stacking lid for beverage cans of all sizes. The Spillah® was originally designed to with festival goers in mind, but has since found application in many different areas, including as a powerful advertising medium and a collectable. 

Due to its innovative sealing rings, Spillahs enable users to re-seal cans of different diameters and to stack multiple cans securely on top of each other for easy transport from the drinks tent... No more dropped cans and spilt drinks. You can even drink from the top can whilst the bottom can is securely sealed. Genius!

Spillahs are also useful around the home - for stacking cans in the fridge, preserving the fizz in opened cans, at the family barbecue, and many more.

IP Resources has worked with the inventor of Spillahs to secure broad IP protection for the device (including trademarks, design rights and patents) and current efforts are focusing on negotiating international agency/wholesale agreements, as well as generating local sales and product sponsors.

Find out more about Spillahs at


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