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Rob McInnes on IP

"Thirty years ago, only 20% of a typical listed company's value would be represented by intan- gible assets, today the figure is closer to 80%. It's arguable that IP is now the main source of sustainable competitive advantage for almost all businesses."
Rob McInness, Partner
Spruson & Ferguson
(Austr. Innov. 2008 p51) 


IP (noun, abbrev. for)
in·tel·lec·tu·al prop·er·ty

Property or intangible asset arising from a novel creation of the mind, such as a design, manuscript, innovation or invention which may be protected by a patent, copyright, trademark, etc.

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“Matt's skills at interfacing between scientist and business are excellent. I would highly recommend him to anyone wishing to learn and get the best deal from another party.”
David Andrews, CEO
Woolcock Institute

Dispute Resolution

“Matt achieved great results with minimal investment requirements. The dispute is resolved and Agreon is very pleased with the out- comes.”
Brian Brannigan,
CEO of Agreon

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Prof. Associations & Conference Organisers

Tailored Training & Coaching
If you are looking to add value to your members, IP Resources can offer industry-tailored business skills programs in advanced negotiation skills or persuasion & influencing techniques.

Education & Perspective
Matt Lohmeyer is an experienced IP manager, licensing professional and a trained negotiator. IPR can arrange practical and interactive seminars on IP and commercialisation that are tailored to your corporate objectives and audience, from junior researchers wanting the IP basics to CEO/Board-level workshops on competitive IP portfolio strategy.

Do you need a passionate and experienced speaker for your event who will captivate your audience and provide valuable insights that will be remembered?  Matt Lohmeyer can make your next meeting or conference memorable with an entertaining and informative presentation.

Recent topics have included: "Negotiating licenses in the information age", "Why most six year olds are probably better negotiators than you", "Twenty top tips to negotiate better deals and save time", "Almost everything's negotiable" and "Thinking of filing a patent - ask the smart questions".

Engagements have included: AusBiotech, University of NSW, NSW College of Law, Licensing Executives Society, etc.

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