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Rob McInnes on IP

"Thirty years ago, only 20% of a typical listed company's value would be represented by intan- gible assets, today the figure is closer to 80%. It's arguable that IP is now the main source of sustainable competitive advantage for almost all businesses."
Rob McInness, Partner
Spruson & Ferguson
(Austr. Innov. 2008 p51) 


IP (noun, abbrev. for)
in·tel·lec·tu·al prop·er·ty

Property or intangible asset arising from a novel creation of the mind, such as a design, manuscript, innovation or invention which may be protected by a patent, copyright, trademark, etc.

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“Matt's skills at interfacing between scientist and business are excellent. I would highly recommend him to anyone wishing to learn and get the best deal from another party.”
David Andrews, CEO
Woolcock Institute

Dispute Resolution

“Matt achieved great results with minimal investment requirements. The dispute is resolved and Agreon is very pleased with the out- comes.”
Brian Brannigan,
CEO of Agreon

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Are you an Entrepreneur, Inventor or Researcher?

Some of the most common challenges IPR is asked to assist with revolve around IP protection, IP ownership, commercialisation, cost containment and funding.

IP Resources has helped clients to:

  • Identify valuable IP and protect it most effectively
  • Negotiate inventorship and revenue sharing agreements
  • Safeguard IP in joint development agreements
  • Find the lawyer or IP attorney most appropriate for the IP portfolio
  • Save money by advising on how to instruct lawyers and IP attorneys
  • Plan commercial strategies and assisting with their execution
  • Prepare a franchising portfolio
  • Expand and develop their business 'hands-on'
  • Negotiate key contracts (sourcing, manufacturing, licensing, investment, etc.)
  • Develop standard terms of business
  • Source government and other grant funding
  • Make their company 'investment ready' and finding appropriate investors 

If you would like to improve the way your enterprise deals with any of the above, let's talk.

If it turns out that IPR can assist - great.  If not, that's OK too. Contact us to find out.

Selected Clients: SpillIP Pty Ltd & SpillSales Pty Ltd, Elevate Pty Ltd, Oggii Pty Ltd, Acyte Biotech Pty Ltd and a number of entrepreneurial individuals.