Thinking of Applying for a Patent in Australia?
Sunday, January 29, 2012 at 15:56
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Matt Lohmeyer has co-authored a book on patenting based on the premise that Smart People want Smart Questions not Dumb Answers. You can download an extract from the book HERE.

To buy the book, Bookdepository currently have the best online deal with FREE delivery worldwide. You can also order the book at any bookstore (ISBN 9-781907-453083). If you want to buy 10+ copies or commission a special edition with your own branding on the cover, contact me for wholesale pricing

This is what some of the reviewers had to say:

“Applying for a patent in Australia? brings a new level of clarity to the question ‘To patent or Not to Patent?’ Many Australian Organisations are not intimately aware of the power that intangible assets can provide them in the global marketplace. This book provides a fantastic first port of call for those pondering this question, and will provide insight into the key questions that need to be considered.” 
Marcus Tarrant, Managing Director, Mission HQ

“An enjoyable romp through the normally dry landscape of patenting! The book should be required reading for budding inventors.” 
Andrew Baker, Partner, GBS Venture Partners

"I wish I had read this book before I engaged an IP lawyer, I could have saved thousands in legal fees by being better prepared."  
Jonathan Weinberg, Serial Entrepreneur and Owner, HeartCall Pty Ltd

"If you are looking to patent, reading Smart Questions will improve your chances of getting a return on your investment. "
David Mitchell, Chief Executive Officer, X-Energy Pty Ltd

"This book is exactly what we need. Its approach is engaging and intelligent and will assist entrepreneurs and angel investors to navigate the complexities of IP."
Christine Kaine, Founder, Business Angels

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