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IP is...

"Intellectual Property is like a drop of water:
  Lock it up and it does nothing;
  Set it free and it slowly evaporates;
  Combine it with the IP of others
  and you create a raging torrent that can transform the world."
Matt Lohmeyer

12 Questions to choose the best patent attorney for your invention...

Choosing the right patent attorney to draft your patent application is as important as selecting the right surgeon to operate on you. OK, maybe not quite as important... But picking the wrong attorney can be fatal to your invention...

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Thinking of Applying for a Patent in Australia?

Matt Lohmeyer has co-authored a book on patenting based on the premise that Smart People want Smart Questions not Dumb Answers. The book is now available online, but you can download a short extract from the book here. This is what some of the reviewers had to say...

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Secrets of Negotiation

"Ask anyone if they are an above average driver and 80% will say yes. You get the same result when asking about negotiating skill. Clearly, that just doesn't add up."

In the article, Matt Lohmeyer explains the difference between persuasion, haggling and negotiating and examines some of the common mistakes made by negotiators. It was published in the December 2011 edition of MPA magazine (Mortgage Professional Australia) by Andrea Cornish of Keymedia. (Issue 11.12, p.44-46) 

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10 Tips for negotiating your salary

If you negotiate as part of your job, you'll probably agree that one of the most awkward negotiations is not managing a commercial deal, but negotiating your own salary! Want to know why this is so? Matt Lohmeyer, Keith Stacey and Mark Spatz explore the common traps in salary negotiations and suggest some practical steps to help you get a better deal in your next performance and pay review.

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